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Build your own Bob
Reserved capacity according to your needs

Do you need 50% data engineering, 30% frontend development and 20% solutions architecture? 

With dataBob you can easily put together your dream bob from our wide pool of resources. The selected mix of resources is then available to you at our attractive rates for 3, 6 or more months.


Free up resources for data analysis

Are your resources tied up too much in the entire data preparation and extraction process and do you often have too little time for data analysis? 

Focus your internal resources on storytelling and decision making and leave the technical steps to the specialists at dataBob. We takes over your complete data flow and monitor it so that your business analysts can generate added value for the business on consistent data.  


Build your personal "Bob"


With dataBob you have access to a large pool of proven specialists with many years of project experience in all areas of data and business analytics. From cloud specialists and data architects to specialists for reporting, storytelling, planning and forecasting.  

With us, you get everything from a single source, or just the resources that are not available to you internally or are temporarily not available to a sufficient extent. 

Are external employees really more expensive?

At a closer look this often is not true. We calculated the cost for internal resource including all extra costs and management fees. The result is obvious. You save up to 40% compared to internalize the resource.

And, with databob reserved capacity

  • you can combine the skills you need as you could never ask from an internal hire

  • you get a replacement for any occiasonally sick leaves or holiday periods > than 3 days.  


Based on Senior Developer profile with CHF 135'000.- annual salary

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