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Reporting and planning go hand in hand. What is reported should also be planned, and what is planned should also be reported.

Acterys is the logical addition to your Power BI universe for easy implementation of planning and write-back use cases.
And that's exactly why dataBob is a proud partner of Acterys .
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Plan what you report

report what you plan

Enhance your PowerBI dashboards with agile planning and writebacks

In these post-pandemic uncertain times, it is more important now than ever to have your planning and budgeting program looking out for you. Acterys Visual Planning, with its AI-enhanced technology, helps you look at things from all angles. Bringing any change in data can be modeled in minutes and viewed in real-time, informing you of possible risks and scenarios.    

Make actionable decisions with Acterys and fast-track your plans and budgets. Or use the integration of Acterys for adding comments to your dashboards.


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Acterys - Writeback and Planning with Power BI

Acterys is the leading platform for dynamic Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) transformation with Power BI and Excel.

It enables instant clarity for present & future through automating data integration processes for major ERP and SaaS solutions. On top of the single version of the truth data model the solution offers out of the box templates for al areas of planning that can be easily customized by business users in their familiar environments like Power BI & Excel.

Important use cases for using Acterys

Write Backs and Comments

Rolling Forecast and Budget

Agile Cash Flow

Driver-based business models

Realize your planning solution in weeks not months

Acterys is seamlessly integrated into your Power BI Ecosystem. So you can leverage your Power BI data model into a planning cube with a view click.  

With Acterys Power BI Sync and Instant-link connectivity, data from virtually any source can be unified with your analytics and integrated into one platform.

Turn your existing Power BI reports to write-back enabled reports for the entire team to forecast and plan through interactive dashboards. Spreadsheets can be connected to the 'single version of the truth' data model with live read/write ability utilizing Acterys Excel Add-in.

The seamless integration allows to go productive with your wirteback or planning use case in weeks not in months. 

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Example Cash Flow Forecasting

Make actionable decisions with Acterys and fast-track your plans and budgets. Changes in data can be modeled in minutes and viewed in real-time, informing you of possible risks and allowing you to simulate what-if scenarios quickly.

Keep a check on when cash is due or coming in; update all cash-centric data at any time in the model and view the impact in the overall projections as you change financial policies and plans. With Acterys' unparalleled forecasting and planning abilities, maintaining a steady cash flow system, creating detailed reports and testing out scenarios is now possible in an intuitive manner.

​​Utilize your working capital to its capacity, and minimize cash flow risk by gaining complete transparency over each payable and receivable throughout the business. Plan for long-term investments without fretting over dues and debts with Actery's best practice templates for cash flow management.

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Want to know more?

Contact us to get more information or a demo on how easy it is to implement Acterys in your Power BI environment. 

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